Máté Kun and Tom Gatz, Co-Founders of Growth Kitchen

Company: Growth Kitchen

Website: https://growthkitchen.co/

Business: A food-tech startup operating smart, satellite kitchen networks.


Growth Kitchen Logo

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About Máté Kun and Tom Gatz

Máté Kun has built small companies since he was at high-school, with the first VC-backed business being developed at the age of 19. Following his early success, as a consultant, Máté has helped build various tech companies such as ad-tech startup Videobeat (which went on to be acquired by Dentsu) and leading digital twin technology company Sensat.

From his days reading food labels as a kid due to a coeliac condition to flipping burgers at University of Georgia’s student foodhall and advising food clients, Máté understood that the world needed to change the way it thinks about food, which led him to start Growth Kitchen.

Tom Gatz, on the other hand, also has a track record of building small ventures since high-school, with his first business being established at the age of 17, creating and distributing apparel in sustainable takeaway packaging.

Following spells as a consultant for leading consumer goods and Private Equity companies, where Tom helped consumer goods companies scale their operations across countries, he noticed that restaurant brands needed help to grow their delivery operations efficiently, and decided to start Growth Kitchen.

In his time in consulting, Tom built a wellbeing initiative that helps employees feel better at work, and is now on a mission to create more enjoyable jobs in the food delivery industry.


About Growth Kitchen

Growth Kitchen is a food-tech startup operating smart, satellite kitchen networks. Its premium delivery kitchens and technology provide all the ingredients restaurant brands need to scale.

Growth Kitchen is revolutionising the way the world eats, making cooking an optional hobby for most urban residents by helping forward-thinking restaurants prioritise their delivery network to grow from a few kitchens to hundreds of strategic locations.

The startup is backed by a group of strategic investors led by PactVC, including senior food tech leaders from Deliveroo and HelloFresh. Since launching in June 2021, Growth Kitchen has become a trusted partner of leading restaurant brands, such as Tortilla, The Athenian, Popeyes and Kricket.


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