The Ultimate Guide To FestivalTech: Tech And Apps You Need This Summer

UK summer is coming, which only means one thing: Festivals!

Festival season will see thousands of people from all over the world pitch their tents in fields for a weekend and enjoy a dose of escapism. But the world of festivals has come a long way since the early days of Glastonbury and Woodstock – and it’s mostly down to tech.

In fact, festival tech is changing how we plan, enjoy, and remember our festival experiences. Here, we explore the tech and apps that can make your festival season more enjoyable and efficient.


FestivalTech Devices


Want to power up your festival experience with some high tech devices? Look no further…


Power Banks


Anker Maggo 10K Power bank, Qi2 Certified 15W Charger


We’ve all been there, looking for our friends in the crowd when suddenly our phone dies. Well no more, power banks have evolved to charge devices – and fast. In fact, why not try the Anker MagGo 10K Power Bank? It’s got 15W ultra-fast wireless charging that will get your iPhone 15 from 0 to 50% in just 40 minutes.

The compact size makes it easy to hold while charging your phone and it fits comfortably in small bags when not in use, making it the perfect festival accessory.


Noise-Cancelling Earplugs Loop Quiet Ear Plugs for Noise Reduction ā€“ Super Soft, Reusable Hearing Protection in Flexible Silicone for Sleep, Noise Sensitivity - 8 Ear Tips in XS/S/M/L ā€“ 24dB & NRR 14


Festivals can be incredibly loud, not just out in the day, but also at night. In fact, getting a good night’s sleep is one of the hardest parts of a festival experience. Enter noise-cancelling earplugs – devices that are not just designed to block noise out but actively cancel it out.

Why not try the Loop Quiet Ear Plugs for Noise Reduction? Available in a variety of sizes, they are designed to protect your ears without compromising on sound quality, allowing you to enjoy the music safely – or block it out if needed!


Bluetooth Speaker


SoundLink Micro Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker | Bose

After a long day of dancing it’s time to go back to the tent and relax – but you don’t want to stop listening to good music. Enter: the speaker. A small, compact, waterproof speaker is the perfect gadget for any music-loving festival goer. Why not try the Bose Soundlink Micro? A Bluetooth compatible speaker that perfectly fits in your bag. The best part? When that pesky British weather hits it doesn’t matter, as it’s totally waterproof! So you can continue to listen to your favourite songs without worrying about the rain.


Inflatable AirBed


iDOO King Air Bed, Inflatable Mattress with Built-in Electric Pump, Double Queen Size 3 Mins Quick Self-Inflation/Deflation Blow Up Bed, Guest Air Mattress for Home Camping Travel 203x152x46cm : Home &


Once you pass your mid-20s, you certainly don’t have the spinal strength to sleep on a tent floor for an entire weekend. Enter the Air Mattress – a device designed to inflate into a full bed. In fact, many of these airbeds now also come with electric pumps, meaning you can click a button and watch it inflate before your eyes. Why not try the iDOO King Size Inflatable Mattress with Built-in Electric Pump – the perfect device for a good night’s sleep…even in the middle of a field.



Smart Sleep Mask

Dreamlight Zen

Speaking of sleep, it’s not just noise and comfort that you have to battle with: it’s light too. Smart Sleep masks use a number of tactics to help people fall asleep faster including light blocking, sound proofing and even audio. In fact, why not try the Dreamlight Zen? A sleep mask that uses light technology and audio features to help you relax and sleep more deeply, it’s certainly the perfect partner for a good festival snooze.


FestivalTech Apps


But it’s not just devices helping make the festival experience better, it’s apps too. Here are some of our favourites…


What3Words: Find Your Friends


Symbol & Logo | Design | what3words


What3words is an app that divides the world into a grid of 3m x 3m squares, each with a unique three-word address. This app is particularly useful for festivals, where it can be hard to pinpoint exact locations of food trucks, tents and meet up spots. What3Words is a great way to arrange meet-ups or find your way back to your tent more easily.


Shazam: Source Your Favourite Songs


File:Shazam logo.svg - Wikipedia


We’ve all been there: suddenly you stumble upon a new tent or artist and want to know the name of a song you love. Shazam helps you identify songs playing at the festival, all with the click of a button. By listening to the sound, the app is able to find the corresponding song. The app also integrates with your favourite music streaming services for seamless listening.


Radiate: Festival Social Networking



Radiate is a social networking app specifically designed for festival-goers. It allows you to connect with other attendees head of the event, so it’s a great app for anyone going in a small group or on their own. The app also has festival-specific communities, making it easier to meet new friends ahead of your time at the festival.


FestivApp: The Programme On Your Phone


No more walking around with paper programmes, Festiv App helps you stay organised – even on the field. . Browse the programme of your selected event and stay up to date with all the action, so you’ll never miss an act or performance you want to see!