UK has the 5th Most Affordable Broadband in the World

New research reveals the countries home to the most affordable broadband and the UK ranks 5th.

The experts at Uswitch analysed the average cost of broadband per month in comparison to the average monthly income per capita in OECD countries, determining overall broadband costs as a percentage of income, and revealing the countries home to the most (& least) affordable broadbands.

You can view the full research here:


The OECD countries with the most affordable broadband

RankCountryAverage Monthly Broadband Cost (£)Average Monthly Income per Capita (£)Average Monthly Broadband Cost as % of Income
5United Kingdom£26.39£2,2661.16%
9United States£45.51£3,5041.30%


The UK ranks in 5th position for its broadband affordability. The UK sees average monthly broadband costs of £26.39, in comparison to an average monthly income (per capita) of £2,266, meaning that broadband comes at a 1.16% average cost of income.

While a monthly broadband subscription can be as low as £8.71 per month in some countries, when we take local earning power into account, it’s Israel that ranks as the most affordable, with an average broadband package costing just 0.78% of the average monthly income.

In second place is Lithuania, where the monthly cost of internet is £10.13 and takes up just under 1% of the average income for the month. France comes in third place, with a monthly broadband package being equal to 1.14% of the average monthly income of £2,132.


The research also revealed the OECD countries with the least affordable broadband: 

RankCountryAverage Monthly Broadband Cost (£)Average Monthly Income per Capita (£)Average Monthly Broadband Cost as % of Income
2Costa Rica£32.19£6824.72%


Colombia’s broadband ranks as the least affordable, whereby an average monthly broadband cost totals £18.69, which represents 5.63% of income. While the cost itself may not be that high in comparison to many other countries, the fact that earnings are so low in the country makes this the least affordable place for broadband.


Further Study Insights:

  • The country with the fastest internet speeds overall is Chile, with a median download speed of 189.36 Mbps, whilst the country with the slowest is Turkey (26.34 Mbps).
  • The UK’s internet speed ranks 26th at 61.69 Mbps.



Uswitch broadband expert, Catherine Hiley comments:

“It’s fair to say that we have become increasingly dependent on reliable broadband over the last few years. While many people have made the switch to working from home, a record number of people have also turned to the internet to stay entertained and connected.

“It’s interesting to see that the UK ranks only 26th for median download speed, averaging less than the top ranking country, Chile. The download speed in the UK means it would take 3 minutes and 15 seconds to download a 1500MB film, whereas in Chile it takes just 1 minute 3 seconds to download the same size movie. These figures demonstrate that the UK still has a long way to go in terms of offering fast and reliable speeds.

“On the plus side, the UK ranks 5th for broadband affordability, showing that we have access to plenty of competitive deals, with the average monthly broadband fee costing £26.39 per month. To put it another way, the average monthly broadband fee in the UK costs 1.16% of the average monthly income.

“With a reliable connection quickly becoming a fundamental backbone of almost every aspect of life, the need for seamless broadband connectivity grows even stronger. If your own broadband isn’t up to scratch, or you feel like you’re overpaying, then be sure to compare our ultrafast broadband deals to determine your options”.