15. Eating in London

Company: Eating in London

Founder: James Bellis, 2020

Website: http://www.eatinginlondon.co.uk

Business: A modern day guide to the food and drink scene in London, helping customers locate good quality eateries.


About Eating in London

Eating In London is a modern day guide to London’s food & drink scene. Curated by a team of experts, it helps shine a light on all the best places across the city that have one thing in common: quality.

James founded the Eating In London website platform back in April 2021 (mid-pandemic) on a mission to capture one of the world’s most exciting culinary scenes on one comprehensive platform. Building upon an already established Instagram audience 22.5k (@eating_in_london).

He actually set up the business unintentionally after he was inspired by a trip to Porto in the summer of 2020. His passion for reviewing restaurants led him to take on a website build and expansion.


eating in london


He decided he wanted to unite a passionate team of hospitality experts on one platform, carefully vetting and reviewing brands to give our audience the Eating In London seal of approval.

Early stage challenges were certainly the development of the website platform itself. He turned it around in 4.5 months since the initial idea project managing the detail between a team of developers and designers (whilst also managing another e-commerce business too). Other challenges include maintaining the team’s quality standards whilst we grow the platform month on month.

The team have some exciting plans set for 2022. In January they’re launching a V.I.P. Membership for busy Londoners who want to save time and money. Members will get exclusive access to offers and promotions from London’s top places.

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