16. Live Tech Games

Company: Live Tech Games

Founders: Samuel Worsley & Nathan Moore, 2019

Website: https://www.livetechgames.com/

Business: Game studio for live, casual tournament-based mobile games.


About Live Tech Games

Live Tech Games (LTG) is a market leading game studio for live, casual tournament-based mobile games that will change digital customer engagement strategies for businesses across the globe.

The dual-focussed platform creates captivating, appointment-to-play competitive mobile experiences, engaging and re-engaging customers. LTG combines two rapidly growing industry trends: hyper-casual and social games, with an offering that is easy-to-play, inclusive and adrenaline-fuelled entertainment.

Simultaneously, it offers businesses a unique opportunity to connect with and engage consumers. We’re taking on the constant access to on-demand entertainment and flipping it on its head, because we believe in the power of building excitement and a buzz of adrenaline to play a really accessible game.

Founded in 2019, LTG launched Roshambo Live nationwide, three times a week: a free digital tournament-style Rock Paper Scissors, with real prizes. Roshambo Live was our entrypoint into the industry and we even had one player buy an engagement ring with his winnings.

Now, LTG is developing its second national game, after a successful pilot with ITV’s This Morning, a funding round involving a multi-million minority stake invested by ITV and with plans to refine digital customer engagement strategies for businesses globally over the next few years.

As their games are live tournaments, simultaneous play can be a challenge, causing a huge surge of communications to servers that need rapid processing for smooth games. When advertised with This Morning, we had almost 10,000 people playing concurrently, which put a lot of strain on our platform.

The team has had to work very closely with Microsoft’s product group in order to optimise the system. They are now at 150,000 users and ready to take this to over one million for the next broadcast game.




LTG now has two foundational divisions:

For national games, the platform provides experiences that the audience regularly looks forward to playing and engaging with. It challenges the constant availability of everything on-demand at one touch.

The platform hosts live events that bring people together online and offline for a competitive, immersive and unique experience.

For private games, the platform hosts player vs player tournaments for venue-related prizes: from bars to live concerts, consumers play head to head against other people in the venue in a live, casual game.

Ultimately, LTG straddles the consumer and brand offering, with a platform that seamlessly serves value to both. Whether the player is watching TV and the broadcaster directs them to the game, or is at an arena for a concert, the audience is passively waiting to be entertained.

LTG bridges that gap, providing an enhanced customer experience that engages consumers and leverages the game, driving brand retention and loyalty.

It’s also an opportunity for brand exposure – with quick-fire games that are captivating and fully immersive, the customisable platform screen is an opportunity for branded campaigns and sponsored content to reach every player.

The LTG vision is ultimately to provide thrilling, competitive experiences that captivate players whilst providing real value for businesses.


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