17. Treepoints

Company: Treepoints

Founders: Jacob Wedderburn-Day & Anthony Collias, 2020

Website: https://treepoints.green/

Business: Reward scheme to help businesses and people reduce their carbon footprint and understand their impact on the environment.


About Treepoints

Treepoints simplifies climate action, helping people and businesses to understand their impact on the environment and then do something about it by reducing their carbon footprint.

The whole aim of Treepoints is to take the headache out of offsetting and in turn rewards people for doing good for the planet. They also provide a simple API integration for businesses to make their products and services climate positive through carbon offsetting, plastic collection and tree planting.

Climate change is a bit of a taboo subject, because everyone is aware of it but when you focus on it for too long, you can quickly become overwhelmed or feel hopeless to change, and worst of all you end up doing nothing about it. Treepoints aims to simplify and make it accessible for everyday people to track and reduce their carbon footprint in a very tangible way.

To do that they offer a solution (i.e. their rewards platform) that incentivises people to join and add features that audiences would engage with. The team knew they would be able to find the audience which would instantly connect with Treepoints – all they needed to do was build the prototype and get the ball rolling.




Founders Jacob Wedderburn-Day & Anthony Collias launched the business in beta in November 2020, using the experience gained from starting Stasher from scratch in 2015. They discovered that many of their skills were transferable, for example, creating a suitable business model, creating a website, finding partners, and gaining traction and momentum. One of the challenges they hadn’t faced before was doing all this remotely.

That’s because one of the best things about starting from the ground up is the energy and creativity that comes from all putting their heads together, and the creative conversations that result. The Treepoints soon learned that this is not quite the same when done virtually on video calls, so solutions to problems or world-changing ideas are definitely harder to come by than pre-pandemic.

Driving sales was also a challenge during lockdown. When the founders first launched Stasher, they were going door-to-door, pitching to investors, entering competitions, flyering, and eventually developing a playbook that could be passed on and refined as new people joined the team. This had to be completely re-written for Treepoints, as they had no choice but to adapt the strategies used previously to generate good leads as well as reaching customers directly

Within the first few months of operating, they have already partnered with some top eco brands like Patagonia, Lush, Toms, Big Yellow, Allies of Skin and Mindful chef you name it – next up, planting one million Trees!


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