35. Nested

Company name: Nested

Website: https://nested.com/

Founders: Matt Robinson, Phil Cowans, and James Turford

Business: Nested is an estate agency that is revolutionising the way people find, buy and sell their properties.

Founded in 2015, and then launched at the start of 2016, Nested is an online estate agency offering a chain-free process to property owners selling their homes. Its services include managing all marketing, valuation and sales of a property in addition to offering an advance of up to 97% of a property’s market value. It was co-founded by creator of GoCardless Matt Robinson, former CTO of Songkick Phil Cowans and architect James Turford.

This impressive PropTech start-up is led by a set of values that are an integral part to the work they do work. These values are focused primarily on honesty, working hard, doing the right thing and enjoying the journey of their work.

Nested was set up with the mission to provide the best experience possible for those selling their house. The impressive start-up is said to be the first estate agency that uses live data when selling clients’ homes, offering predicted timelines for when properties are likely to sell in addition to payment advances for sellers to move before their house has been sold.

Since its creation, Nested have helped more than 400 people to move to a new house, with many of these 400 able to move before their property was sold thanks to the company’s chain-free advance service. They have made a total £120,311,885 in advances available to their customers, with £67,515,479 of this amount being drawn out by Nested’s clients.

The company are also backed by some of the biggest entrepreneurs in Europe, and has secured a total of £165 million in funding. Nested currently has the largest financial investment of any UK property tech company.