76. Nyobolt


Company: Nyobolt

Founder: Professor Clare Grey, 2019

Website: https://nyobolt.com/

Business: Ultra-fast charging lithium-ion battery manufacturer


About Nyobolt

Founded in 2019, Nyobolt was developed out of years of research at the University of Cambridge, led by Sai Shivareddy and world-renowned battery-materials expert, Professor Clare Grey, an award-winning Cambridge University chemist and founding member of the Faraday Institution – the UK’s flagship battery research programme.

Accelerated by increasing demand, the battery industry has become more dynamic and competitive than ever, particularly in terms of obtaining partners and talent. Despite this, Nyobolt have excelled in growing across additional industry sectors.

Over the last year, Nyobolt has hired some of the leading minds in battery technology and energy storage including Anna Wise, who prior to joining Nyobolt held the role of Head of Battery Technology at Innovate UK and was responsible for the innovation programme and technical direction of the UK Government’s £330m Faraday Battery Challenge.

Shane Davies, an ex-Mercedes and Ricardo software lead, joined Nyobolt as Engineering Director for Software and Controls, aiming to deliver advanced battery and charging technology into customers’ products.

Lastly, Mahesh De Silva, who previously was leading major engineering programmes at Jaguar Land Rover, Teledyne e2v and Biochrom, joined Nyobolt as Engineering Director.




With a clear vision, Nyobolt will bring out an ultra-fast charging lithium-ion battery that can be used in any car, minimising downtime by shortening the recharging period, bringing it in line with a more conventional refuelling timeframe.

In addition to charging much faster, Nyobolt batteries have a longer life span than conventional lithium-ion batteries. They do not degrade in extreme temperatures in the same way that conventional lithium-ion batteries do and are much less likely to catch fire.

Since its creation, Nyobolt have raised $10 million in series A funding to build pilot facilities and grow engineering and application capabilities. Fundraising continues to build up production and prototyping facilities to achieve the long-term goal of meeting demand from high power vehicles, industrial automation, and tools and appliances.


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