77. Hoxton Farms

Company: Hoxton Farms

Founders: Dr Max Jamilly & Ed Steele, 2020

Website: https://hoxtonfarms.com/

Business: A biotechnology company growing cruelty-free, sustainable animal fat.


About Hoxton Farms

On a mission to “bring back fat” in a sustainable and cruelty-free way, Hoxton Farms creates real animal fat from a small sample of animal cells.

Fat is claimed to be one of the most important ingredients in meat, defining how it looks, tastes and cooks. It is also something that cannot be replicated by plant-based meat alternatives. Hoxton Farms is working towards creating a clean source of this valuable ingredients, which could then enable meat alternatives to look, taste and cook like real meat.

Co-founder Dr Max Jamilly comments that: “We want to bring back fat: it’s the single most important ingredient in the meat that we eat. The technology we’re developing will allow us to customise fat for any application – and we’re making it healthier too. Cultivated fat is the hero ingredient for meat alternatives, and it will solve a huge problem in this growing industry. We believe the future of meat alternatives will be a blend of plant-based protein and cultivated fat.”




From a small sample of animal cells, the startup uses cultivators to grow purified animal fat. While the process is expensive, and tricky to scale, the team at Hoxton Farms is working on solving this via proprietary computational models, co-founder Ed Steele commenting “Our mathematical approach drives everything we do at Hoxton Farms. We simulate the entire process computationally, from biopsy to bacon. This “digital twin” allows us to optimise every raw input in parallel, massively improving the cost-efficiency and performance of our cultivated fat for our customers.”

So far, the company have raised a total of $3.8 million over the course of 2 funding rounds – their latest announced in February this year, a Seed Round which raised £2.7 million.


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