86. Akoni Hub


Company name: Akoni Hub

Website: https://www.akonihub.com/home

Founders: Felicia Meyerowitz and Panos Savvas

Business: Akoni Hub is an online management platform which helps customers find the best interest-bearing accounts for them.

Founded in 2015, Akoni is an award winning financial management platform helping SMEs find the best interest-bearing accounts for them. This innovative start-up was inspired by the frustrating challenges co-founder Felicia Meyerowitz faced whilst working in the London market. As an SME Director, Meyerowitz managed over £50 million, and experienced numerous challenges with “little to no” returns on her cash holdings.

After experiencing such issues, Meyerowitz discussed this with others in the field only to find it was a common struggle throughout the market, and decided to set up Akoni Hub.

Akoni helps to ensure its clients are getting the best possible returns for their cash holdings. The platform is powered by an algorithm that scans throughout the marketplace and offers up the best accounts for its clients.

The platform also offers a digitised cash planner, which allows clients to view all cash holdings on one simple summary page, regardless of where the money is being held. SMEs can create different types of accounts with multiple different banks, and manage these all through Akoni’s easy to use platform.

The company have claimed that “with interest rates changing all the time, you don’t have the time or access to secure the best rates every time the market moves. Akoni ensures your cash is always earning the best possible rates through our bank integrations and rebalancing your accounts without the hard work from you.”

The company has won numerous awards, being included as a Top 10 SME Tech Company in Forbes, the Top Influencers for Fintech Influencers 2018 in addition to the Top 10 Fintech for Companies for BBVA.