Announced! The TechRound 100 Finalists of 2021


TechRound is excited to announce the winners of our TechRound 100 2021




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Founded in 2016 and based in London, TechRound is where decision makers, investors and startups of all sizes  come to find out the latest developments and trends within the industry. 

The TechRound 100 is the flagship event of the year, highlighting the hard work and success of UK startups, businesses and entrepreneurs. With more than 3,000 applications this year, we hope that our top 100 list acts as testament to the UK startup scene and also provides inspiration for the next generation of startups and entrepreneurs.

Thank you to our judges Roei Samuel (Connectd), Sammy Rubin (YuLife), Mark Wright (Climb Online), Jonathan Lister Parsons (PensionBee), Michel Andre (Banking Circle), Perrine Farque (Entrepreneur) and Dana Leigh (TechRound),  for your time and effort taken to confirm our list of outstanding finalists.


Feedback From Judges


“With just over 3,000 applications this year, we were all blown away by the quality of entries including startups that operate in multiple countries and have raised vast amounts through funding rounds.”

“There was a significant number of applications with a sustainability focus, from measuring and reducing carbon footprints, to recycling, electric charging and saving on waste and plastic. The number of sustainable startups really stood out this year.”

“We were also impressed by the number of MedTech businesses that are helping with everyday health, from helping to book appointments, freeing up time for Doctor’s or making diagnostic testing more available. These startups are so crucial to saving potential lives, whilst freeing up the NHS and allocating resources more efficiently in the healthcare sector. We pay homage to these startups who are not just revenue-focused, but a reminder that startups can make a real difference to society and our quality of life.”

“In terms of the big hitters, we saw a number of platforms that combined payments, payroll and HR and helping companies to carry out their administration more effectively. A lot of these businesses had global appeal and can quickly expand abroad and into multiple demographics. So if you are looking to become the next unicorn, this kind of product with a global reach is probably your best shot.”

“In terms of the strict judging, we have an allocated timeframe to go through all applications and narrow down the criteria for finalists. We take multiple factors into consideration such as funding vs non funding and whether the business has been going for long or not. This can influence the positioning, since our judges may give greater weighting to startups that have thrived in a short space of time and without funding, since this demonstrates growth with limited resources.”

“When browsing through thousands of applications, we sadly could not give much weighting to those that did not meet the basic criteria. This included entering startups that were started before 2014 (which was our cut off). We also found a number of websites did not work, some had not launched yet (not always a deciding factor) or their bio was too short, they spoke more about their market size than the business, did not give any indication of success or just used bullet points.”

“We appreciate those entries that looked at our guidelines and followed them – since this really helped the judges and was often rewarded.”

“We are incredibly sorry to those entries that did not make the top 100, but do not fear! We have a number of industry-specific lists coming up in 2022 including Fintech, recruitment, cybersecurity, retail and more – and if you subscribe we will keep you posted on the entry dates!”

“We would like to take this opportunity to thank everybody that entered and please do not be shy to contact us for more information or collaborations. We are here to serve the UK startup community so please get in touch!”


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Highly Commended and Ones to Watch


Arma Karma, Charlii, ColorWill, Deazy, EEVEE Mobility, Gretel, HuzzleSettld, Taster, Tingle, VIP, World Services, WeMaintain, Witco, WIZZ&CO, xigxag




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Thank You To Our Judges!



Roei Samuel – Angel Investor and CEO & Co-Founder of Connectd.

Roei is a serial entrepreneur who had his first business acquired at 26 years old. He has been angel investing and advising start-ups for the last 3 years, and is the CEO/Founder of Connectd, a FinTech helping private investors connect with start-ups and manage their portfolio.


Sammy Rubin – CEO and Founder of YuLife 

Sammy originally built Policy Portfolio plc, the first market maker in traded endowments, and led the flotation of the company on the full London Stock Exchange. He then went on to become the founding CEO of PruProtect (now VitalityLife), which was the first life insurance company in the UK to reward healthy living.



Mark Wright – 2014 Winner of The Apprentice and Founder of Climb Online

Mark is not only the most successful Apprentice winner to date with his digital marketing company, Climb Online, he has also been named in the “Top 100 Entrepreneurs in the UK.”




Michel André – CIO of Banking Circle, The Tech-First Payments Bank

Michel has 20 years of experience under his belt as a senior technology leader and manager within Financial Services. At Banking Circle he is working to building the next generation platform for cross border fx payments and value add services for Financial Institutions and Payments businesses.



Jonathan Lister Parsons – Co-founder of PensionBee (Nearing IPO)

Jonathan Lister Parsons is passionate about bringing customers’ pension experience into the 21st century, transforming pension transfer processes from a five-month to a five-minute process. Jonathan holds an MSci in Experimental and Theoretical Physics from Cambridge University.


Perrine Farque

Perrine Farque – Award-winning diversity and inclusion author and internationally recognised keynote speaker

Perrine was nominated for the Top 50 Most Influential Women in UK Tech and has been involved with driving the strategy at leading technology companies including Facebook for over a decade. During her career, Perrine has spoken at many industry events including Microsoft, IBM, Facebook and TEDx speaker. Perrine is passionate about building diverse, inclusive and equitable workplaces to drive employee engagement, retention, productivity, profitability, innovation and growth.


dana leigh

Dana Leigh – Editorial Team at TechRound


Dana Leigh is one of the chief editorial staff members at TechRound, working closely with the team for almost two years. She draws on more than 6 years of working for some of the UK’s largest PR agencies and her passion includes profiling different startup founders and writing about early stage startups.




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