75. Car & Away

Company: Car & Away

Website: https://www.carandaway.com/

Founder: Andy Hibbert

Business: Car & Away is building the biggest global peer-to-peer (P2P) car sharing platform and becoming the ‘Airbnb of cars’.

Car & Away was built from a desire to fix our current model of car ownership, which doesn’t seem to be working for us. Cars are expensive (with the average annual cost of owning a car being £5,000 in the UK) and on average we only use them 4% of the time meaning for 96% of the time they’re just sitting there. Car & Away is using airports as a rapidly scalable solution for unlocking P2P car sharing.

Launched in 2018 at Gatwick airport, Car & Away is now talking to many airports about how they might fix on site parking capacity challenges. With Car & Away, owners are able to rent their cars out whilst they are away, earning them money and meaning their car is being used instead of just sitting there. In turn this provides a new rental choice to Renters. Renters get the exact car they choice and don’t have to contend with buses, counters, queues,  up-sells or hidden charges.

This startup is offering a cost effective and hassle-free way for renters use a car while they’re away and giving the car’s owner a little extra holiday spending money – what’s not to love?