74. GoodBox


Company: GoodBox

Website: https://www.goodbox.com/

Founders: Andrew O’Brien, Francesca Hodgson and Tibor Barna

Business: One-off donations available through contactless cards.

The end of cash is on the horizon. As we move towards a contactless society we might not consider the negatives of a solution that is, for us, more convenient and more simple. However, the charity sector has been struggling to navigate this change and has seen falls in donation rates because we’re just not carrying cash. Launched in 2016, GoodBox is fixing that problem.

GoodBox has built a system for contactless one-off donation, with technology that can handle offline donation and takes less than 6 seconds. Now housed in the Natural History Museum and on the streets of cities all over the county, the donation points are making it simple and easy for anyone to give. Since it began working with GoodBox The Natural History Museum has reported a 64 per cent uplift in donation income, with over £500,000 donated through the contactless points. Recently the Mayor of London used GoodBox to roll out his homelessness campaign all over London.

Even more excitingly, this system of contactless donation opens up a world of new donation data analysis opportunities. Never before has a charity been able to see in real time where and when donations are coming in. GoodBox can help charities see which spots are best for fundraising, how the time of day affects donation rates and which campaigns are doing well with audiences.