73. Huel


Company: Huel

Website: https://huel.com/

Founder: Julian Hearn

Business: What is Huel, and why is this startup on the TechRound 100? the company, whose name comes from combining the words human and fuel, has the vision of creating the future of food. Huel provides a nutritional substance that is  100% vegan, nutritionally complete and ethical product that helps to considerably reduce food production waste.

Huel is a product that involves no waste, and it also has a year long shelf life, with no added sugar, or genetically modified ingredients, and it is still high in protein and fibre. The formula was carefully created by the nutritionist James Collier, who is a leading expert in his field, with over 25 years working in the nutrition sector.

Huel is a UK-based startup, specifically created and produced in Devon, but is delivered across Europe. Co-founder Julian Hearn came up with the idea after being on a strict diet plan for his former company, and found getting all the nutrients required time-consuming and ultimately difficult. Julian wanted to create a product that cost minutes to prepare, was environmentally friendly, and also provided people with all of the necessary vitamins and minerals needed for a healthy body and mind.