72. Omio

Company: Omio (previously GoEuro)

Website: https://www.omio.com/

Founder: Naren Shaam

Business: Travel app that enables customers to very easily find the fast, cheapest and best kind of travel options available to them by either bus, train or flight across thousands of towns, cities and villages across Europe.

Omio customers can use the innovative platform to save time and money by being able to book everything in one place.




The founder Naren Shaam, set up GoEuro in 2013, having previously been inspired by a trip three years before. In 2010, Naren went backpacking and found it difficult to find the best route, right train or the most affordable bus ticket, which was not only time-consuming but it also was more expensive.

As a result, Shaam saw the potential for a multi-modal travel site, and started to work on GoEuro. Having left his job in finance in New York, Shaam set up in Berlin and created the company.