71. Prodigy Finance

Company: Prodigy Finance

Website: https://prodigyfinance.com/

Founder: Cameron Stevens

Business: Helping international students to gain access to postgraduate education.

Through Prodigy Finance’s borderless credit model, the company has enabled thousands of international students to gain access to postgraduate education, which may not have otherwise been possible through their loans.


The team assess students on numerous variables: such as their future earning potential. This works differently to typical variables taken into account by many lenders, such as in most cases, their credit history. Prodigy Finance is backed by investors who are passionate about helping with social impact, and also gaining a financial return at the same time.

Founded by three MBA students that realised that traditional banks did not fulfil the needs of international borrowers (such as needing co-signers, collateral or guarantors that the majority of students simply do not have) they decided to create Prodigy Finance, to help invest in tomorrow’s leaders. So far, the startup has been a dramatic success: the loans are now available in 150 countries, and over 14,500 students have been funded.