26. Ciara Madden


Company: Body By Ciara

Founder: Ciara Madden

Website: www.bodybyciara.com

Business: Ciara Madden is a gym influencer, female-only personal trainer and fitness instructor, helping to promote body positivity as well as healthy attitudes to food and eating habits.


About the Business

With health becoming a major concern and focus to peoples’ lives during the past few months of the COVID-19 pandemic, home workouts have become an increasingly popular. With the U.K.’s lockdown measures having shut gyms and prevented many in the fitness industry from being able to conduct their business, a number of fitness professionals have instead begun to operate from home, offering remote fitness classes and tailored home workout programmes.

Amongst these is Ciara Madden, a gym influencer and personal trainer who boasts an impressive client portfolio, including Demi Rose and Maya Jama. Her business Body By Ciara is now a well-established brand, empowering women by promoting a healthy practice of intensive training, body positivity and good nutrition. Ciara offers one-to-one and paired classes, having trained thousands of women throughout the past 5 years, and dubbed an “expert in female body transformations.”




Her website states: “Everybody has a body, and Ciara strongly believes that no matter your shape or size, you should feel great in your own skin. Through her classes, one to one clients and online training Ciara reinforces the message of self-love to all women.”

During the COVID-19 pandemic, and the subsequent lockdown measures it has caused, Ciara has been offering free home workouts live through her Instagram account, available for people to watch for 24 hours after being published. Ciara has received a lot of attention amidst lockdown, revealing how to get a “Quarantine Body” no matter where you’re socially distancing.