49. Doe and Smith

Company Name: Doe and Smith

Website: http://doeandsmith.com/

Founders: Alex Doe and Katy Smith

Business: Doe and Smith is a London-based consultancy firm that specialises in design and brand strategy.

Co-founded in 2017 by Alex Doe and Katy Smith, Doe and Smith is a London-based (Fulham) design consultancy made up from a talented team of writers, designers, strategists and developers. Doe and Smith offers a range of different methods to help clients develop and establish their brand, from single targeted marketing campaigns to the complete rebrand of a company.

Co-founder Alex Doe is the Strategy Director of Doe and Smith, with his specialties  in brand design, creative technology, strategy and user experience. Co-founder Katy Smith is Creative Director of Doe and Smith and her expertise in both design and illustration, helping the creative aspects of the business reflect the positive and organic nature Katy approaches life with.


Both of the two founders had previously worked in design, and built up an extensive list of clients from within the industry during this period – which is one of the factors that stood out to our judges.

Doe and Smith pride themselves on their collaborative approach, working alongside their clients rather than simply for them. The company have an impressive client base of like-minded specialists and consultants, with some of the biggest names the consultancy has worked for including Argos, Netflix, the NHS and the BBC. The company continues to help their clients build a legacy for themselves, and defines itself through the following three values:

Being king but also honest – when joining a new project, Doe and Smith believe it is always important to listen and understand the client’s perspective whilst also providing honest and direct feedback. This is done to help enable a more productive and successful environment for the project to grow in.

Questioning everything – Being thorough and knowing the complete ins and outs of a project. This helps to accurately distinguish any problem areas and make improvements on them efficiently.   

Growing “big and tall” – Acknowledging the smaller projects as well as the larger ones and helping businesses to grow and flourish. This is valued not only in the sense that Doe and Smith get to see the exciting development and growth of a startup, but also strengthens the loyalty from within their client base.