48. Meero


Company: Meero

Website: https://www.meero.com/en/

Founder: Thomas Rebaud

Business: On-demand photography service and reducing the time of image processing.

Meero uses artificial intelligence that empowers the photography service, as Meero’s machine learning algorithms that allow for high scalability, standardised qualities and accelerated delivery. This means that now photos can be processed in just a matter of seconds helping to make photographers lives easier, doing in seconds what may take a photographer hours of their time.

Since its creation in 2017,  Meero has grown at a dramatic rate. It now has over 400+ employees, and over 31,000 photographers use its services in over 100 countries, including international photographers that work for Just Eat, Uber, Airbnb and Expedia.

Founded by Thomas Rebaud, his aim was to provide Instagram worthy photos that were professional and video resolutions that could be developed quickly without compromising on the quality. Such is the success of the company, that it is estimated that one photoshoot is delivered across the world every 30 seconds. Not bad for a startup that launched less than two years ago!