50. MISFITS Health

Company Name: MISFITS Health

Website: https://misfits.health/

Founders: Tara Bloom, Henry Sether and Jacob Green

Business: Primary a female-focused brand, MISFITS Healthis a lifestyle and wellness brand that makes protein products including powders and shakes.

MISFITS Health is a protein company dedicated to providing women with great tasting, all natural products with no added sugar. Founded by Tara Bloom and her two old friends Henry Sether and Jacob Green, the brand’s name of MISFITS Health was given as the company celebrates individuality and non-conformity; wanting to help customers with their nutritional requirements and convey the importance of protein in a diet without emulating the typical gym junky protein attitude.

MISFITS Health was inspired by co-founder Tara Bloom’s struggle to find a suitable protein brand when feeling run down by her first job working night shifts. Tara claimed in an interview conducted by TechRound that “All I could find were either really regressive weight loss meal replacement brands or really masculine, gym-orientated brands.”

The co-founder was driven to make a more progressive health and wellbeing brand that catered to everyday women wanting to boost their health. MISFITS Health’s main target audience are active, 20 – 45 years olds that are wanting to improve upon their health and wellbeing through nutritional dietary methods.

MISFITS Health is launching some exciting new products in 2019 adding to its current collection of protein powders and snacks. The products currently made by MISFITS are designed to be for functional, everyday use from its packaging right down to its core ingredients, which has seemed to have been received quite nicely by consumers.


At only two years old, the company’s products have been enjoyed by tens of thousands, with deliveries to over 30 different countries in 2018. It also features in Tesco, Holland and Barrett and Ocado. The company has aspirations to eventually become globally renowned as the go-to brand for women wanting to boost their nutritional health.