32. Doorsteps

Company Name: Doorstep

Website: https://doorsteps.co.uk/

Founders: Akshay Ruparelia

Business: Doorsteps is an online estate agency where users pay £99 to join and list their properties.

Founded in 2016 by young entrepreneur Akshay Ruparelia, Doorsteps is an online estate agents that has grown tremendously popular in its first few years. The company was valued at an impressive £12 million after just one year of trading. Doorsteps is built on the values of providing its customers with the best customer service and price possible.

Due to its online approach, Doorsteps offer fantastic features that bricks-and-mortar estate agents simply cannot compete with. These include 24/7 access to agents and accessibility from anywhere and everywhere. In addition to this, Ruparelia has claimed to find the staggering commission fees most agencies charge to be unfair, and has built his company so that no commission is charged. Users simply have to pay a £99 fee to join the site.

Doorsteps sold a staggering £120 million in property whilst saving its customers fees of over £1 million in commission in just over its first year. This innovative online platform has revolutionised the way in which people sell their homes, and breathed new life into the old, out-dated ways of the estate agency industry.

Ruparelia has claimed to have “always had an entrepreneurial spirit and ambition”, this passion for business flourishing with the help of his role as a young carer for his deaf parents. The CEO has explained that the responsibility and duty of care that was instilled in him from a young age created both a maturity and sense of resilience when faced with challenges in life.

This impressive, young entrepreneur has big plans for the future, telling the Business Insider that he will now be keeping “a laser-sharp focus so that we can really boost sales growth and continue to deliver our mission of the best customer service at a great price”

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