31. Trussle

Company name: Trussle

Website: https://trussle.com/

Founders: Ishaan Malhi and Jonathan Galore

Business: Trussle is an online mortgage broker, allowing users to easily compare, track and monitor residential mortgage products through its platform.

Trussle wants to make getting a mortgage hassle-free for both first-time buyers as well as existing homeowners. Once a mortgage has been applied for online, Trussle continues to monitor the mortgage and helps users to switch to another deal if it is more suitable, meaning that people never end up paying over the odds for their mortgage. Its algorithm filters through over 11,000 financial products in total from over 90 different lenders in order to help find the very best match for home buyers across the country.

Trussle was first set up in 2015 by Ishaan Malhi , who previously worked in real estate and was a structured finance analyst at the Bank of America Merrill Lynch, and also co-founded by Jonathan Galore, who is an experienced Fintech entrepreneur. They founded the company after having to experience the frustration of unsuccessfully applying for a mortgage.