30. Olio

Company: Olio

Website: https://olioex.com/

Founders: Tessa Clarke and Saasha Celestial-One

Business: Olio is a foodsharing app, reducing food wastage across the UK.

Olio is a location based app and website that connects neighbours, local shops and cafes to avoid unwanted food from going to waste.

The startup was born out of the co-founders love of food and caring for the environment, as well as their dislike of food going to waste. To use the service, users download the Olio app, take a photo of the item that is no longer wanted, with a brief description of the product and the pick up details. Neighbours can then message and arrange a pick up, also helping people to get to know one another in their local area. All items that are listed on the app are free – so they can be eaten or donated to charity.





The co-founders, Tessa Clarke and Saasha Celestial-One, created the London startup back in 2015, both sharing a passion tackling the food waste epidemic that continues to be a problem worldwide. Their fundamental belief is that a community approach, ultimately driven by the behaviour of individual, is the most scalable way in order to reduce food production waste.