13. Equipsme

Name: Equipsme

Founder: Matthew Reed, Gavin Shay, Jaco Rabie, Andy Santoni, Rhonwen Beesley

Website: equipsme.com

The Business: Equipsme makes health insurance an affordable reality for businesses of all shapes and sizes.


About Equipsme

The company launched in 2018 as the first new entrant to the health insurance market in over a decade.

Plans start at just £7 per person per month, with plan members aged 16-69 paying the same. Its pricing and product are unique for their simplicity in an industry full of bewildering options and opaque pricing.





Equipsme has an exclusive capacity arrangement with AXA PPP healthcare and has pulled together an exciting range of experts in their field to deliver an employee benefit that everyone can use from the beginning, starting with a health check and 24/7 access to a GP appointment by phone or online.

All appointments can be booked via its app.

Equipsme was one of the few insurance companies to proactively respond to Covid-19 by trying to help small businesses, offering self-employed businesses through to those with up to 20 employees free health and wellbeing support until August.