14. Perlego


Company: Perlego

Website: perlego.com

Founders: Gauthier Van Malderen & Matthew Davis

The Business: Perlego is an online educational library, which allows students and professionals unlimited access to textbooks on a monthly-subscription basis.


About Perlego

London-based Perlego is an online educational library and often known as the “Spotify for textbooks.” Perlego was founded in 2016 by Gauthier and Matt shortly after they graduated from university where they witnessed students being charged large sums of money for textbooks, only then to be used once or twice.

Perlego is on a mission to improve students’ learning outcomes by making educational materials more accessible to all. The platform provided access to over 300,000 titles from 2,900 publishers, including Pearson, Wiley and Cambridge University Press, featuring content from over 500 subjects and 70 languages via its website and app.




While many students in the UK spend an average of £400 a year on their textbooks, Perlego allows unlimited access for a small monthly fee.

In addition to resources for those in education, Perlego also supports professionals looking to expand their knowledge in various areas through their library of self-development titles – ranging from entrepreneurship to product design.

Since the company’s launch in 2016, Perlego has raised $15m in fund raising, and has recently partnered with the likes of Barclays and Vodafone.