84. Feedr

Company: Feedr

Website: https://feedr.co/

Founders: Lyz Swanton and Riya Grover

Business: Feedr is on a simple mission; remove the hassle from office lunchtimes and allow people to reconnect with food, in a simple and convenient way.

Lyz and Riya founded Feedr in 2016 after experiencing first hand how unfulfilling office catering can be. It’s stressful because everyone has different dietary needs and you’re never going to find a selection of sandwiches that excites and pleases everyone. Feedr fixes these problems. If you’re ordering in food for an office meeting, you just  sign up to Feedr the day before and send a message to everyone who’ll be attending, they select what they want from a range of suppliers all over London and the next day it gets delivered straight to the office. Everyone’s happy because there’s more choice and less hassle.

Feedr seeks out the best suppliers across London and delivers quality food directly to your office form a range of sources. Part of the drive behind Feedr was the founder’s desire to expose more people to the great food London has to offer.

Feedr also works with the Akshaya Patra Foundation in rural India, meaning that every time you place an order Feedr donates a notorious meal to a child in need.