83. JAFA


Company: JAFA

Website: http://www.jafaapp.com

Founder: Dan Bedi

Business: JAFA is an award-winning sports platform that enables fans to find news catered specifically to them and speak to other fans across the world.

Currently focusing on football but with ambitions to expand into other sports, the startup also helps media agencies and brands to better understand their fans through the console that is provided too them.

Fans are able to engage with others through the JAFA mobile app, available both on Android and on iOS. Through its purpose-built technology, fans have an experience tailored to them as JAFA sees exactly what the users click on, and therefore determines content based on what fans have previously liked.


Bedi was aware that until now, sports fans had relatively few options available to them to discuss sports with other fans. In addition, Bedi saw that many media agencies, clubs and brands were struggling to understand sports fans, and as a result, failed to target core audiences. This became more of an issue across different age demographics, and agencies and brands were failing to keep up with the ever-changing landscape.