82. TempaGoGo

Company: TempaGoGo

Website: https://www.tempagogo.com

Founder: Caroline Pegden, Phil Pegden

Business: The startup is an online recruitment marketplace specialising in temporary jobs. However, you may be wondering what exactly makes it different to other online recruitment websites. TempaGoGo helps to make the process of recruiting temporary workers far more efficient, through its powerful algorithim, making the process much more streamlined and less time-consuming.

How does the algorithm work? It matches businesses that are looking to hire temporary workers for their firm with the most suitable specialised recruitment agencies available. This helps to reduce costs that can be incurred whilst having to find new clients for agencies, as well as reducing frustration with the process. TempaGoGo helps to significantly reduce administrative costs, as its algorithim optimises the end-to-end recruitment service.

TempaGoGo was launched in June 2018 by co-founders Phil and Caroline Pegden. They set up as the company as they were fed up with the often difficult, bureaucratic process of hiring temporary staff, despite the UK being the second largest market in the world for agency workers. The couple saw huge potential to disrupt the market, and that was how the startup came to be, right from their kitchen table, knowing that good recruitment agencies can be a huge asset to firms around the world.