18. Hastee

Company: Hastee

Website: hastee.com

Founder: James Herbert

Business: Hastee launched the UK’s first earnings-on-demand solution via an app, helping employees get access to their wages in real-time and avoid high-cost loans


About Hastee

Hastee launched the UK’s first Earnings on Demand solution via an app in August 2017; working with employers, its technology gives workers the ability to withdraw up to fifty per cent of their daily salary to their nominated bank account, on the day they earn it.

Hastee Card builds upon and enhances the user experience by reducing friction and offering immediate spending power as well as a path to greater benefits such as cashback and rewards in the future.




The startup is tackling the payday problem which currently impacts over 3 million people each year, who fall into the trap of high-cost loans.

Working directly with large employers such as the NHS, City London Airport and Mitchells and Butlers, Hastee operates at zero cost to the company and integrates seamlessly with your payroll and time & attendance systems. There’s no impact on your company cash flow and exposes you to no financial risk.



In June 2020, Hastee introduced the world’s first Earnings on Demand contactless debit card, powered by Visa. Hastee Card enables users to access and spend their accrued earnings in real-time, as they earn it, anywhere in the world, with the card’s balance dynamically increasing as earnings accrue.




James Herbert, Founder and CEO at Hastee, said: “Now more than ever, workers in every sector need fast and flexible access to the money they earn. The effects of COVID-19 have emphasised that current payroll systems leave many struggling for the liquidity they need at pivotal points in the month. Hastee Card is the natural evolution of the work we have been doing to help support workers and employers in the UK, and we’re excited to be spearheading a solution that revolutionises an outdated process and brings greater financial wellbeing to those who need it the most.”