17. Spelfie

Name: Spelfie

Founder: Chris Newlands

Website: spelfie.com

The Business: The selfie, from space!


About Spelfie

Spelfie has been described as “Google Earth Live”, as the app tasks satellites to take images of large scale events and their entire audiences, from space, in real-time!

Award winning Spelfie – the space selfie, in partnership with AIRBUS, launched on the 18th of November 2019 on the BBC. The app is already in the top 10% of all app downloads, in history.

It’s like having a 600km long selfie stick, capturing user’s experiences from a new perspective.

From a digital marketing perspective, Spelfie offers a new and disruptive, experiential and organic fan engagement and event activation channel, effectively bypassing the social and paid advertising channels.



Spelfie also has a COVID-19 strategy for closed-door and socially distanced events – the Global Spelfie was developed pre-pandemic, allowing fans to participate in an event, from anywhere on Earth. This was created to allow events and their sponsors to engage with armchair fans in the tens of millions, not just the tens of thousands at an event.

Audience and fan engagement is no longer limited by the physical limitations of venues and has now been adapted to help make sports events more experiential and engaging during the COVID-19 pandemic.

There is a plastic pollution use case too, which could remove tens of millions of tonnes of plastic from our oceans.