90. Landed Houses


Company: Landed Houses

Website: https://www.landedhouses.co.uk/

Founder: Edmund Cohen

Business: What is the company Landed Houses all about? This UK startup enables people to rent country houses for parties and weddings across the country. Customers can choose from a list that has over 60 large country houses, hand-picked by the Landed Houses team that customers can use, on an exclusive basis, making it a great option for not only weddings and parties, but holidays too. Landed Houses also takes care of helping you to find the right property, and contacts the owner of the house directly for you, saving you the hassle. In addition, there is no commission that needs to be paid for.

Landed Houses is run by the founder Edmund Cohen. He came up with the idea of Landed Houses as he is passionate both about properties and helping groups to enjoy them for special events. In addition, he wants to make sure that it is possible to cut out the middleman, so that there is need to pay an unnecessary commission.  Furthermore, Cohen wanted to help to keep large houses accessible to all, and avoid grand homes being sold off for division into flats, or potentially falling into disrepair due to a lack of use.