89. Mooshies


Company Name: Mooshies

Website: https://veganburger.org/

Founders: John Marulanda and Nelly Habib

Business: Mooshies is a vegan burger bar based in London that offers its customers tasty meat-alternative burgers.

Founded in 2016 by couple John Marulanda and Nelly Habib, Mooshies is a vegan burger bar aspiring to promote vegan eating and to help provide Londoners with healthy alternative burgers. The business started with the simple intention of catering for London’s vegans, initially opening up in a market stall along Brick Lane.

The two co-founders attribute a lot of their business’s growth to testing potential dishes on their “vegetable hating friends”, and listening to all customer feedback. Through these methods, John and Nelly were able to start developing the fantastic meals that their business is defined by.



After its success in the market stall, the business opened up a 6-month pop up (also along Brick Lane), where its success and popularity grew so much they were eventually able to set up permanent residence there.

Co-founders and couple John and Nelly had a vision “to build from the kitchen out”, and with a limit in funds and no investments, the two expanded their business to enormous heights, through both Nelly’s creative culinary talent and John’s impressive selling tactics, making sure their customers always came back for more.

Nelly and John’s focus was to serve tasty, healthy meat alternatives, and to encourage the younger generation of Londoners to eat healthier through more exciting culinary methods (e.g. getting one of your five a day in the form of a burger). Mooshies is now one of Brick Lane’s finest, with business booming ever since their humble beginnings; offering the same great-tasting vegan meals that use such a fantastic range of burger meat alternatives as jackfruit, panko fried aubergine and organic quinoa & black bean patty.