88. Marlow London

Company: Marlow London

Website: https://www.marlowlondon.com/

Founders: Cholé Marlow

Business: Marlow is a British accessories brand creating stunning and unique laser-cut leather goods and digitally printed scarves. The brand creates contemporary luxury of the highest quality and craftsmanship.

Founded in 2016, by Central Saint Martins graduate, Chloé Marlow, the brand is become known for its expressive, creative, eye catching one of a kind pieces. Chloe’s designs aim to challenge the consumers’ perception of luxury, combining conceptual art and fashion to bring a fresh tongue-in-cheek approach to the world of luxury accessories. Inspired by consumer and social culture, Marlow’s designs beautifully marry technology, craftmanship and stunning design.

Based in London, all of Marlow’s products are proudly crafted in the UK. The brand’s leather goods and handmade from an Italian leather and then, using a laser, the text is intricately etched in. Because each of the bags also has a unique barcode, cut-out by lasers, no two bags are the same. The bag’s barcode can be used to register it online. Marlow London also creates bespoke accessories upon request.

Marlow’s scarves are digitally printed onto either 100% Italian silk or a cashmere and modal-blend. The designs are inspired by opulence and luxury, and are created through the digital manipulation of photographs.