69. LeSalon

Company: LeSalon

Website: https://lesalon.com/

Founder: Natasha Pilbrow

Business: LeSalon is the on-demand beauty services platform, offering flexible work for beauty therapists and convenience to their customers. They describe themselves as beauty with a mission, bringing the salon into the 21st century.


Based in the UK, the startup allows users quick access to beauty treatments thanks to the platforms app. The app means clients find beauty therapists near them, book treatments outside of their working hours and pay with the apps automated system. Founded in 2015, the platform now offers manicures, pedicures, waxing, eyelash, spray tan and wedding services, catering to both men and women around the country. Since every beauty therapist who joins the platform passes through a data protection and vetting process, you know that you’ll be receiving a quality treatment at a competitive price.

What makes LeSalon stand out is that, although they maintain a fantastic customer experience, pleasing the customer was never the whole vision. LeSalon was born out of a desire to empower beauty therapists, with flexible career opportunities and fair compensation.

After recognising the struggles freelance professionals face to get reliable and consistent work, Natasha Pilbrow, the startup’s founder, set about to change that. The app offers flexible career opportunities for beauty therapists. Pilbrow hopes to lessen the gender pay gap and create really career opportunities for women working in the gig economy.