68. Rota


Company: Rota

Website: https://rota.com/

Founders: Nick Bolton, Tom Williams and Will Taylor

Business: Anyone who has worked in hospitality will know the stresses of having to manage a part-time team, one phone call in sick and the whole shift is thrown into turmoil. Rota is setting out to fix that.

Founded in 2015, Rota is an innovation in hospitality staffing. The Rota App matches skilled, experienced staff to jobs in restaurants, hotels and caterers. Staff benefit from flexible work, better working conditions and higher rates of pay, while companies can fill those hard to cover shifts with experienced and well qualified candidates.

Rota uses algorithms to ensure that companies receive only the most highly trained and highly rated candidates for the job. The startup is currently operating in 6 cities around the UK and boasts a fleet of over 50,000 experienced and motivated hospitality staff. It takes as little as 20 seconds for companies to post a shift and on average the shift is covered in just 38 minutes.

The app allows venues and companies to rate members, meaning that if they get along well with a member, they can have them back or even recruit them using Rota Recruit. It also means that only the best candidates for the jobs are selected meaning companies can maintain high service standards even without their regular team.