67. Washare

Company: Washare

Website: https://www.washare.com/

Founder: Mazen Al Arsalani

Business: Washare is an app allowing users to pay to have their clothes washed by local people, at half the price of traditional laundries.

Founded at the beginning of 2019, Washare has already created a home-based army of 18,000 entrepreneurs who provide an essential local laundry service. Washare consider themselves as agents of social change at the forefront of the shared economy revolution, empowering people to work from home. Washare allows entrepreneurs (or anyone with some spare time and a washing machine) to bolster their income by simply undertaking some extra loads of washing each day.



By doing other peoples’ washing and ironing, entrepreneurs can target earnings of over £1,000 every month. Cashare’s (Washare’s name for those doing the washing) have the freedom to choose when they want to work and to do as many loads of washing as they want, while simply getting on with their day.

Meanwhile, for busy people those looking to avoid a tiresome chore, Washare offers a convenient and affordable service. Simply download the app and detail the washing you need done, and a local cashare will come and collect it for you. This convenient concept has earned the title; ‘the uber of washing’.