34. Lightico

Company: Lightico 

Founder: Justin Josh, Omri Braun and Zviki Ben-Ishay

Website: www.lightico.com

The Business: An online platform enhancing customers interactions with a business, helping companies to collect related documents, process e-signatures, verify ID and more.


About Lightico

Founded in 2014, Lightico has developed a suite of “micro-apps” that help to facilitate a whole host of different transactions between a business and their customers. The startup helps businesses to streamline their operations concerning customer interactions, enabling them to collect documents, electronic signatures, verify identity as well as process mobile forms.

The company claim that “Lightico’s mission is to empower businesses to create streamlined experiences in the last mile of the customer journey, where customers want to get things done, now”

“By simplifying customer interactions in the last mile of the customer journey, businesses make it easier for their customers to be their customers, earning their trust and loyalty, translating to higher profits.”




With Lightico, businesses can help to simplify customer’s interactions, and thereby experiences, with them, and can be easily connected to Agent Toolbars, Self Service and a variety of other business tools. The startup’s services can be effortlessly implemented into a business’s operations, helping to promote customer experiences whilst also boosting efficiency and productivity.

In July 2019, the startup announced a raising of $14.5 million in investment, which was set to be used on expanding Lightico’s presence globally, as well as accelerating product development.