79. Protein Haus

Company Name: Protein Haus

Website: https://www.proteinhauslondon.co.uk/

Founders: Carli Wheatley

Business: Protein Haus is a London-based diet and health food shop that offers protein shakes, fitness foods and juices.

Protein Haus is a health food shop that caters for a wide range of customers. Whether you are on-the-go, wanting to make a significant change in eating habits or looking to maintain an already healthy lifestyle, Protein Haus can help.

Founded by Carli Wheatley, with a background in the health and fitness industry that extends over a decade, Protein Haus was created to both motivate and educate people on leading a healthier lifestyle. The business was originally set up selling protein shakes from another company’s bar, and has since grown to great heights; expanding both its range of products and its presence in London’s health and fitness industry.


Wheatley explained in an interview with TechRound that what she wanted from this business was for “people to be able to sit on the couch at the end of the day and eat Protein Haus treats safe in the knowledge that they taste great but are good for them. The days of just eating plain celery to lose weight are gone”.

Protein Haus now offers a diverse range of products for its customers, including their famously good protein shakes, fitness meal plans, freshly made juices and protein cakes. All diet meals from the fitness meal plans are cooked fresh and all tailored to help customers to both improve overall health and lose weight.

The menus for such fitness meal plans also change on a monthly basis to keep the customer’s diets exciting and varied, and include no preservatives, additives or processed meat. Protein Haus feels it stands out from the rest of the health diet food shops as they have experience in being the customer whilst also having the complete knowledge of what is required for an effectively healthy and balanced diet.