7. Tide


Company: Tide

Website: https://www.tide.co/

Founders: George Bevis

Business: Open a business bank account in minutes and continue to spend using a contactless Mastercard. No purchase fees and no transaction fees.

The London-based startup has been phenomenally successful since first launching in 2015. Approximately 1 in 12 business current accounts opened in the UK within a year of launching was with Tide. They so far have helped over 80,000 entrepreneurs and businesses.

George Bevis is the founder of Tide – an experienced entrepreneur and previously worked as a banker, starting his career at Capital One, and after working as Head of Innovation at the Royal Bank of Scotland and as Business Strategy Director at Barclaycard.


What led to the idea of Tide for Bevis was the problem he experienced over and over again when running several small businesses at the same time: the lack of time to spend on the work he enjoys doing, thanks to having to work on administrative tasks that were repetitive and time consuming.

The heavily app based product comes with a contactless Mastercard and benefits include no purchase fees or extra costs when spending abroad.