8. Phrasee

Company Name: Phrasee

Website: https://phrasee.co/

Founder: Parry Malm, Neil Yager and Victoria Peppiatt

Business: Phrasee offers an AI, machine-learning programme for creating email subject lines, facebook ads copy and push notifications – triggering a huge increase in open rates for their clients.

Co-founded by Parry Malm, Neil Yager and Victoria Peppiatt, Phrasee is an AI marketing company specialising in a marketing-focused language generation. Phrasee has created a Natural Language Generation system that has incorporated Deep Learning technology.


Phrasee uses this technology to produce human-sounding content that is then optimised, its tailored algorithm used to target a brand’s customers to create content that is in-keeping with a brand’s style. The result of this is an increased online presence and therefore more traffic directed towards a company’s online platforms.

Working with big names such as Virgin Holidays, Domino’s and Gumtree, Phrasee’s technology can write adverts on social media platforms, email subject lines and push notifications. Phrasee also claims that the AI’s content is much better written than the content produced by humans, with numerous reviews of the technology preaching its exceptionally effective results.

The relationship between a brand and their consumer is vital when trying to increase sales, and Phrasee’s aim is to transform the way in which brands try to develop this relationship. Phrasee has big plans for the future, and hopes to play a vital part in transforming the way in which company’s talk to their consumers. This will in turn change the way companies improve upon sales.

An exciting development to happen to the company in the past year is the securing of a $4 Million Series A funding. This will allow the company to take their copywriting technology to San Francisco in America, developing their international grown and expansion from London to the U.S.A. To find out more about this exciting development, click here.