11. Simmy Dhillon, Age 25

Company: Simmer

Age: 25

Website: https://simmereats.com/

Business: Simmer is a subscription-based food company that creates nutritious and flavoursome healthy dishes delivered around the UK.

About Simmy and Simmer

Simmer (previously known as RNS meals) is a healthy takeaway meal subscription service offering nutritious meals without the hassle of prep. Simmer has a rotating menu of 16 meals per week with over 50 meals per month. It was founded by Simmy Dhillon and Jhai Dhillon in 2017.

Both brothers had the goal of starting their business and retiring their Mum. Simmy was the first in his family to go to university and his brother Jhai pursued a career in professional football. As a teenager, Jhai trained with the premier league but found his meals to be dull and lacking flavour. Keen to solve this problem their Mum researched nutritional guidelines from the club and created different meals that were healthy and didn’t compromise flavour.

Simmer Logo

Whilst at university Simmy found a gap in the market for healthy takeaway options, people wanted to eat well but would sacrifice lots of money on bland meals or less healthy takeaways. He called his business Rice n Spice (RNS) and began making food out of his university accommodation with the help of his Mum. With the support of Jhai (who wasn’t enjoying his football career as much), Simmy was able to give the energy needed to fully establish RNS as a business.

In 2020, they were able to achieve their goal of retiring their Mum from her job at Tesco, the following year they went all in quitting their jobs to run Simmer full-time. Simmer is now based out of their hometown Hitchin with Jhai and Simmy purchasing a unit for their business to grow out of. It has grown considerably from Simmy’s university business idea to a scalable service that operates nationwide.

Now Simmer has a full team of staff supporting the mission as well as thousands of clients including some big names in the football industry. In the future, they’re hoping to work alongside pro clubs as well as gyms to help increase their customer base.



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