10. Joe Alabi, Age 27

Company: Serena Organics CBD

Age: 27

Website: https://www.serenaorganics.com/

Business: Serena Organics is a luxury CBD brand committed to delivering quality CBD products to the UK market.

About Joe And Serena Organics

Serena Organics started in 2020 as a luxury CBD brand committed to delivering quality CBD products to the UK market that was plagued by poor quality products and a mistrust among consumers. The market was heavily crowded with products that were not great for consumers. Initially completely bootstrapped, we had to apply for a Novel food license that was approved, was the first CBD brand to launch its full range in Selfridges, has been a part of HM The Queens Platinum Jubilee in collaboration with Rolls Royce, partnered with The London Marathon and been in publications such as Vogue & The Evening Standard.

It has been great getting consumers that had tried CBD products before but found no benefit due to the bad quality in the market, now using Serena Organics to help their wellness + health needs. Looking forward to working with a range of hotels, spa’s and wellness clubs across the UK as well as launching in Switzerland and Germany.

serena organics

We aim to be positioned as more of a wellness brand that provides premium quality CBD products so our ambassadors are from a range of disciplines such as Yoga and mindfullness and will be bringing a full suite of videos and exercises for consumers to incorporate into their daily lives.
We have also signed a scientific ambassador called Professor Mike Barnes who was the first UK doctor to be able to provide medicinal cannabis to patients and he is instrumental to the credibility of the brand and it’s products as well as ensuring that everyone is able to get credible education to allow them make informed decisions when buying products and this coincides with the 101 podcast that we provide where we interview industry leaders.



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