9. Madé Lapuerta, Age 24

Company Name: Dashion (Data, But Make it Fashion)

Age: 24

Website: https://www.fashionabledata.com/

Business: Dashion (or Data, But Make it Fashion) is a data-driven online magazine founded out of Harvard University’s computer science department, as research on the intersection between technology & high-fashion.


About Madé and Dashion

Founder Madé Lapuerta, a Harvard graduate, founded Dashion in 2019 while working as an engineering intern at google. She had learned about using image recognition models to detect objects in images, and conceived the idea of using this to detect fashion trends from runway photos.

Dashion develop AI image recognition models and data analytics software to determine what high-fashion runway trends are in style. By viewing data trends of high-fashion collections, retailers can develop a better understanding of what is trending and what is on its way out.

The website provides a clean ecommerce experience for customers, showing data reports of what is currently trending, as well as where to buy each style. Users can see a rundown of popular items. Each item is presented with a photo and a statistic showing either its rise in popularity, or the percentage of collections it was featured in. The user can then choose to be directed to each item’s retail website, where they can purchase it.

Dashion also presents their data analytics in the form of elegant coffee-table books, launched every 6-months. This means there is a new book available for every high-fashion season.



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