15. Vladimir Ignatyev

Company: The Power of Music

Founder: Vladimir Ignatyev

Website: https://www.discoverpom.com/

About The Power of Music


Ignatyev started The Power of Music (POM) in 2019, alongside recent Cardiff graduate and CEO Vihan Patel. POM is “the dating app for music lovers”, and seeks to form meaningful connections between people based on their shared tastes in music. It’s driven by the belief that music is one of the most accurate indicators of who we are.

POM aims to connect people with a shared love of music, skipping that awkward stage and making interactions easy, natural and fun.

In June 2020, the company secured an announced equity fundraising worth £245k, at a pre-money valuation of £682k. Since then, POM has partnered with Red Bull, Zapp, Soho House and Sony Music.

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