7. Tim Naughton, Age 27

Company: Salinity Solutions

Age: 27

Website: https://salinitysolutions.co.uk/

Business: Salinity Solutions is a game-changing, low-carbon wastewater treatment technology, which uses half the energy and provides more clean water than traditional methods.

About Tim And Salinity Solutions

The startup was founded in 2021 by Tim Naughton, who wanted to provide a more sustainable solution, in a world where 80% of wastewater is released untreated.

Salinity Solutions is a spin-out from University of Birmingham, where Tim was a research fellow working alongside Professor Philip Davies, Head of Water Technology Research. Tim first met Philip at Aston University while studying for his mechanical engineering degree. Together they co-developed a revolutionary new way of treating water using reverse osmosis – a process where water is cleaned by using pressure to push it through a semi-permeable membrane.

salinity solutions

The technology uses 50% less energy than other methods, typically purifies more than 95% of the wastewater and unlike other tech is much more compact so is easily portable. Two patents have already been granted and more are in the pipeline.

Tim believes this is the biggest step forward in water treatment in 50 years and hopes that adoption of this technology will have an impact in every corner of the globe, across every layer of society – from rural drinking water to large industrial processes.

Since Salinity Solutions was founded, it has raised over £1.5m from private and crowdfunded sources. The University of Birmingham is an investor and shareholder and the two parties continue to work closely together.



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