5. Andy Evans, Age 28

Company: Doddz – AR Academy

Age: 28

Website: www.doddz.com

Business: Doddz was founded for anyone interested in learning AR but doesn’t have a technical background.


About Andy Evans And Doddz

The idea for Doddz came from Andy’s frustration with trying to enter the AR space, but not having the educational content available to learn. The Academy vows to speed up your learning – for what took Doddz a year to teach himself. He has created a course which can teach you all the essentials in AR in just under 10 hours.


During this London Fashion Week, Doddz collaborated with Snapchat, a global tech-forward multimedia instant messaging platform, to create a fashion show with a difference. With an audience of over 150 attendees from across mainstream media, fans, and influencers, there were absolutely no physical products on show. Guests held their phones up to the models to reveal a collection of digital streetwear (or ‘screenwear’) garments Doddz had designed using Snaps body tracking features. The show’s aim was to highlight the environmental damage the fashion, and specifically fast fashion, is causing, and how AR could help solve some of those issues.

In the future, Doddz hopes to continue working and collaborating with high-profile and influential people and brands, but also put big efforts into continuing to share his knowledge about AR. Doddz understands the endless possibilities in Augmented Reality, and wants to use these possibilities in a meaningful way. Whether it’s innovation, education or experiences there’s always a way to use tech for good and this is part of his mission and an ode to his own journey into the space.



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