4. Jack Cornes, Age 24

Company: HausBots

Age: 24

Website: https://hausbots.com/

Business: developed the technology behind a robot that improves workplace safety, carrying out maintenance, inspections and tasks such as painting.

About Harry and HausBots

Founded in 2017, HausBots was founded by school friends Harry and Jack whose interest in engineering started at an early age. From initially developing the robot in a garage to creating a market-ready product the pair have achieved a significant amount in a short space of time. Harry was always curious about engineering and at a young age took apart his computer to try and understand how it functioned.

Their product, a wall climbing robot (HB1), can be used for inspections and maintenance within the workplace. The robot can climb on vertical surfaces on a variety of materials such as stainless steel, brick and concrete and can overcome surface obstacles too.


The WMG SME team at Warwick University have helped to support with the creation of the robot allowing it to come to life. The concept has been described as ‘incredible’ with it having the potential to help save lives. So far the robot has been on the market and has carried out multiple jobs such as painting and cleaning graffiti in Birmingham where the business is based.

The robot has recently been sold to a Singaporean company with the hope it will continue to gain popularity and provide more support with preventing accidents in the workplace.



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