20: Charles Meitus, Age 23


Age: 23

Website: https://lucidsolar.net/

Business: A global solar PV (Photovoltaics) distributor, committed to providing high quality products with superior service.


About Charles Meitus and LUCID SOLAR

Charles Meitus is the CEO and co-founder of LUCID SOLAR, a one-stop source solar equipment supplier, offering high quality, high efficiency film modules, with the most competitive pricing and valuable solutions in the solar market. The company began with a drive to democratise the sector in a way by making it affordable for everyone, with the highest quality products.

LUCID SOLAR has a variety of choices for customers with state of the art technologies, competitive price points and excellent customer service. The company supplies some of the world’s best known, full line high end solar products, from panels and inverters to mounting and accessories.




During Covid, LUCID SOLAR had to completely migrate from in-person operation style to 100% virtual. They also had to deal with production being shut down from their factories in Vietnam, Cambodia, Turkey and Asia. Charles comments that “During times where the world is going through a global pandemic it was very important to stay strong and positive as the head of my team. If people see their leader down, that can easily spread to a negative work environment. So, I knew I had to stay positive and adapt to the new world.”

“I knew I needed to lead by my own actions, reacting to uncertain times in a positive manner. Even the Zoom meetings had to have a positive energy to execute successfully. Also, I had to take one day at a time.”

“The way to do it is through interactions. You can listen to many podcasts or listen to a YouTube video about motivational speakers. You can hear all the right things you want to do. But people react a lot stronger to watching you do what you do on a daily basis. And showing up to a meeting, even though it was a Zoom meeting by giving off this positive energy to the listeners, even if you are hurting and struggling on the inside, you have to just put on your poker face because the second the team sees you struggling that’s just how they are going to react.”

Since day one, Charles’s vision for LUCID SOLAR has been to make solar equipment easy and accessible for clients to purchase without having to worry about shipment delays and access to top brands.


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