19: Kunmi Oludoyi, Age 22


Company: Sorair Technologies

Age: 22

Website: https://www.sorair.co.uk

Business: Develops delivery drones to help delivery businesses systems, including medical supply, courier and food deliveries.


About Kunmi and Sorair Technologies

Kunmi and Sorair Technologies are developing autonomous delivery drones to help final mile delivery businesses redefine their delivery systems. Their drones will be used across various verticals, and sectors such as, emergency medical supply delivery, courier/parcel delivery, and food delivery.

Kunmi wants to bring in the new wave of delivery vehicles to change the way goods are delivered as they aim to make the final mile a lot ‘greener’ and more efficient.

The aim of the business is to help final mile delivery companies reduce their overhead costs/labour costs, maximise the efficiency of their delivery system, provide safer and faster deliveries (especially for pharmaceutical/healthcare companies who are delivering delicate or highly reactive liquids and products), and reduce their carbon footprints.




Sorair Technologies’ drones will be run on electricity via Li-Po batteries and/or Hydrogen to help businesses keep in line with their NET ZERO, and the world’s COP26 goals.

Kunmi started this business in May/June 2021. In just 5 months, they have developed two working prototypes which are being used to test their drone’s features and capabilities, plus one non-working prototype to experiment the best ways to manufacture their drones.

They are mid-way through developing their MVP to conduct pilot deliveries in 2022 and they have signed up 5 pilot customers at the moment with the numbers continuing to grow the pipeline. Each of Sorair’s pilot customers are from different sectors that they are targeting.

After Sorair Technologies develop their MVP and during their pilot deliveries, Kunmi and his team will be approaching investors to raise more funds to expand their R&D capabilities, team and sales force, plus their operations.

They are currently executing plans to start some operations in Africa where the road infrastructure, and therefore their supply chain/logistics systems haven’t been developed.

Sorair Technologies’ plan next year is to also run some pilot deliveries in Africa, and to start a small scale 3PL logistics operation where they will set up hubs/warehouses where they will keep items from customers to be fulfilled/stored and delivered.

Kunmi has had many technological hurdles and challenges to overcome. Bugs, errors in the code, inaccurate tuning of PID parameters and more. He and his team had to put in hours of research, testing and failing to overcome these hurdles.

They brought in employees who have the expertise that they were lacking as another way to overcome technical challenges; now Sorair Technologies have all the core skills in the team that they need to execute their goals.


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