22: Lewis Alexander Baxter, Age 23

Company: Hullo

Age: 23

Website: https://www.hullo.org

Business:Not-for-profit, creating an inclusive, safe and non-judgmental space for people to chat and connect with others.


About Lewis and Hullo

Lewis is a 23-year-old TEDx speaker, law student, social entrepreneur and not-for-profit leader. Lewis has overcome adversity, channelling his challenging experiences to make a positive impact on the world.

Aged 17, Lewis battled with depression, which led to several attempts to end his life. During his recovery process, he shared his story in an assembly. As his first experience with public speaking, this inspired Lewis’ journey into the world of mental well-being.

2020 was a formative year for Lewis, starting with him taking the year out from university to care full-time for his mum, who had cancer. At the pandemic’s outset, Lewis added to his responsibility further by founding Hullo, a national not-for-profit organisation, with his friend Matty. In July of the same year, his mum tragically died. Lewis has directed his lived experiences and personal challenges into a dedication to make a positive impact on the world. He aspires to affect social change: adding more kindness to others’ lives.




Hullo initially solely worked to provide a free conversational call line, but is now looking towards further shaping a world where everyone has someone to chat to.

Through its use of collaboration technology, Hullo is able to inclusively support callers and empower volunteers. Lewis believes that mental well-being should be a central, inclusive focus; “everyone has mental health, it’s not just a ‘1-in-4’ statistic but should be viewed as ‘4-in-4.’”

Moving forward, Lewis and the Hullo team are working to pilot a ‘Call Out’ feature in which people can opt to have volunteers call them for a friendly chat. Hullo will continue to expand its volunteer and beneficiary bases, instilling the organisation’s conduct with the priority of connectivity and community that lies at its heart.

Through building brand awareness, Hullo strives to grow into a flagship organisation in the not-for-profit wellbeing sphere. Hullo’s expansion will enable it to reach as many lives as it can, across the UK, ensuring that we live in a world full of conversation and connection.


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